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The book Fundamentals and Practical Aspects of Gas Injection from Persian Gulf University was published by Springer

This book covers different aspects of gas injection, from the classic pressure maintenance operation to enhanced oil recovery (EOR), underground gas storage (UGS), and carbon capture and storage (CCS). The authors detail the unique characteristics and specific criteria of each application, including:

دکتر مصلح

In the twenty-first closing of the provincial research and technology week, the support of more and more government agencies for research-based and technological activities was raised.

تجلیل از پژوهشگران
تجلیل از پژوهشگران
تجلیل از پژوهشگران
تجلیل از پژوهشگران

The closing ceremony of the 21st Bushehr Research and Technology Week was held on December 8, in Bushehr Governor's Office in honor of the top researchers.

رصدخانه ۱
رصدخانه ۲

The astronomy team of the Bushehr Mehr Observatory and Research Center will unveil the most important astronomy student project at the Argentina Conference.

The designer and executive secretary of this project is Mehdi Rokni, a student at Persian Gulf University.

روز دانشجو


You can see the full video of the meeting through the link below