Medical and Counseling Services


Persian Gulf University Counseling Center was opened in 1997. From the very beginning, the heads of the counseling center have expanded the activities of the counseling center.

Persian Gulf University Counseling Center is proud to provide various services in line with other university units and in order to provide suitable conditions for students to study.


The Health Center of the Persian Gulf University has been working as the custodian of the health affairs of the university since the establishment of the university and in order to achieve a healthy university, it has paved the way for the health and treatment of students, staff and professors.


Physical education of Persian Gulf University has the following tasks in order to strengthen the soul and body of students and staff:

  • Regular planning to create student and staff training programs per week
  • Organizing students' physical education classes
  • Holding sports competitions
  • Planning for group and family sports
  • Creating a spirit of sport and vitality among staff and students