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همکاری دانشگاه خلیج فارس و شرکت EDvantage

The Office of International Affairs of the Persian Gulf University announced on Monday, January 24, 2022 that EDvantage Company will cooperate with the Persian Gulf University in the field of teaching short-term and long-term training courses in machine learning and data science in oil and gas. The company thanks the Persian Gulf University for providing this opportunity and wants more cooperation with the Persian Gulf University in the future.

براساس نتایج رتبه بندی گرین متریک  سال 2021، دانشگاه خلیج فارس در بین دانشگاه های کشور  رتبه 21 را کسب کرد.

The results of the UI GreenMetric ranking system in 2021 were published. According to this evaluation, the Persian Gulf University was ranked 563rd in the world with 5150 points.

Persian Gulf university also ranked 659th in the world last year with 4250 points.

Call for Remote Dual Certificate Post-Doc Positions in Healthcare Intelligence

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