Welfare and Financial Services for Students


In order to increase the comfort and convenience of students, Persian Gulf University provides accommodation and dormitory services to students.


Persian Gulf University tries to provide comfort for the students of this university by providing a nutrition system (online food reservation).

To use this service, you must receive your nutrition card from the Student Affairs Department of Nutrition.


Welfare Office:

The Department of Welfare Affairs is responsible for following up and repaying all types of student loans, including student tuition loans, pilgrimage loans, student sports hero loans, housing loans for married students, and other related welfare facilities. Among other tasks in this area:

1- Registration of new students

2- Registration for student accident insurance

3- Registration of health insurance applicants

4- Settlement with graduate students

5- Issuing installment booklets for graduate students

6- Continuous communication with the Student Welfare Fund to provide credit for student loans and other related services