Call for Iran-Italy joint post doc in Sport Science and alzheimer

Published on: Thursday 21 Jul 2022
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Dual Certificate Post-doctoral position in School of Sports Science

Title:  The Effect of Physical Activity on Mental Health of Patients with Alzheimer

Deadline        14.08.2022

Announced by Persian Gulf University and Sapienza University of Rome

Location Iran (Bushehr), Italy (Rome)

Department Sport Science

The Office of International Affairs and Overseas Students at Persian Gulf University announced this call for hiring a post doc researcher jointly with Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. The completion certificate will be issued by the both institutions.

Methodologies can be varied and depend on the exact project but encompass health, cognitive and behavioral experiments, experience sampling, as well as qualitative approaches where appropriate.

The details of the call can be found as follows:


Dr. Abdossaleh Zar, Associate Professor in Department of Sport Science, School of Literature and Humanities at Persian Gulf University

Prof. Giuseppe La Torre, Full Professor of Occupational Medicine at the Department of Public Health, and Infectious Diseases at Sapienza University

Funding and Duration

Duration: 1 year can be extended for 1 year

Funding: Reasonable monthly salary plus research grant

Expected qualification of applicants

Candidates must be eligible for a Postdoctoral Fellowship including having a PhD successfully defended by the deadline of the call (14 August 2022).

Applicants should have a publication record corresponding to their research experience and provide evidence of independence. They should have a clear idea of what they will achieve during their fellowship and an understanding of their career development needs.

We are looking for applicants who have

• Knowledge of relevant topics (i.e., experimental physiology and/or health research).

• Highly organized with a solving-problem mindset.

• An open and cooperation-oriented nature, with strong abilities for independent academic work

• Excellent command / highly proficient spoken and written English and Italian

Required Documents

- Motivation Letter (one page; including the title and code of the post-doc position)

- Recommendations from Supervisor(s)

- CV

- PhD and Master Transcripts

- Competencies Certificates (Recommended)

- Language proficiency proof (Recommended)

How to apply?

Prospective postdoc applicants should contact Dr. Abdossaleh Zar (salehzar [at] before 14 Aug 2022 with an email with the required documents in attachments.